Mar 16, 2014

Episode 1 - Part 5

     Sherlock adjusted his bow tie again, not quite satisfied with it. He was on edge and buzzing with anticipation. Will tonight be the night when he will finally have the secrets of Magnussen's vault in the palm of his hands? He hated that man with a passion and would do anything to bring him down...even make a pact with the devil which he suspected he had already done by partnering up with the Panther. An image of her came into his mind and for the nth time he wondered what was wrong with the picture. There was something about her...something that his instinct was warning him about but his mind couldn't place...

Mar 8, 2014

Episode 1 - Part 4

     Their attention had been captured finally. Sherlock lost his grumpy look and Panther was sitting upright, gone was her relaxed manner. Yes Magnussen's vault! The only thing these two adversaries wanted more than anything else. Would consider pooling their skills for. Mycroft smiled...he still had an ace or two up his sleeve after all! They could prove to be a formidable force if these two came together. With Sherlock's brain and Panther's skill Magnussen's vault didn't stand a chance...Magnussen didn't stand a chance!

Mar 5, 2014

Episode 1 - Part 3

     Ever since John had left for his honeymoon tour, Sherlock had been plagued by boredom. He would slip into his old ways just to keep his mind silent so that it didn't bother him all the time. The lack of progress on the Magnussen matter contributed to his present foul mood. But the spurt of the same old cases that he was getting - jealous lover, missing person, etc infuriated and bore him. Atleast John helped him filter some of those out so that he could find the hidden gems in all the muck. He needed something...something exciting! So that he could feel his blood pumping and mind racing again. Approaching footsteps irritated him and he didn't want to be disturbed right now...

Mar 3, 2014

Episode 1 - Part 2

     As his mind floated into consciousness, his thoughts raced to catch up with lost time. But the pain shooting through his head deterred him from becoming "fully functional". "I would keep lying still if I were you" said a woman, "you were given a concoction strong enough to knock out a horse. Well with the Holmes boys one can't really take a chance now can they". He heard the mockery in her voice even through the haze. As his eyes came into focus he saw her standing there with her back towards him. She seemed to be fixing a drink. Long black hair flowed down her back and skin the color of chocolate glinted in the fire light. She was encased in a gold dress which shimmered as she moved. 

Mar 2, 2014

Episode 1 - Part 1

     It was a cold windy night. The streets were wet with the rain that had fallen earlier in the evening. The lone figure stood on the pavement waiting for his car and assistant. He was smoking while leaning on his cane as his mind worked at the speed of light dealing with the issues that burdened his shoulders. Being one of the most influential people in the British government it was all part of the job description. His mind drifted to recent events...ones which had put a sense of unease and foreboding in his heart. Had he done the right thing? What would the future bring as a result of his actions? No one walked into the Panthers den and lived to talked about it. Had he finally bitten off more than he could chew only coz of some basic instinct that made him want to protect someone and thus made him rash in his actions....